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Right when you find someone you love most,trust,care and open your heart to is when you close your eyes and create your own world where your always happy and where you live your life to the fullest but time flies and its time to open your eyes and things wont go as you like you’ll try to speak but words wont come out,you’ll try to scream but no one will hear,you’ll try to run but you can’t move and when you look around nobody’s there.You’re in a dark place where all you have is memories,memories of people who are no longer in your life.Your heart hurts,your broken and you can’t feel anything.You say what you don’t mean,you do what you don’t like.You want the ones that were in your life before and you push away anyone who’s not them,you try to hold on but there’s nothing to hold on to.Its hard to let go of those you love most but time is the best medicine for a broken heart.You have to let go of people who hurt you cause if they hurt you once they’ll hurt you again.There are times in your life when you have no idea of what you’re doing or saying you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself what am I doing,what should I do or what should I say.Lost and death are a sure thing in life but know that getting hurt,moving on,disappointment,failure are all part of life.Hope for better days to come is what will always keep you going,you should never give up on your feelings cause better things are always about to come,bad moments come and go but remember that they never come to stay.