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I have been thinking about myself in the future and it really scares me,you have to let go of so many things that you enjoy doing.You go from a part in your life where you don’t worry about anything to worrying about everything.Everything you get to do as a teenager affects your future and for a better future its good to have  a person in your family that you can look up to and say i want to be just like her/him when i grow up.I have had the opportunity to have wonderful parents that have inspired me and have been the perfect role models,with my mum working and then coming home,cooking cleaning,talking,helping with everything and caring more about our dreams and amusement than hers well that i find legendary .My dad whose dad died when he was only 16 and him taking care of his family by working and traveling to different places well i have cried so many times when i have heard him share stories.I remember how he gave food,money,clothes and toys to poor people and to orphans and when i was 6 i asked him “why aren’t you giving it to me and why are you giving it to other kids, you know how many toys i would have if you gave it all to me” he said that “i was just like them once i know how they feel helping others also helps you,you have enough toys,you have food to eat, bed to sleep a place you can call home and parents that are willing to do anything for your happiness, honey they dont have the things you were so lucky to have and these toys can make them smile ” from that moment i admired my dad and my main goal was to help others and work hard on what i want to become and what i want to achieve.There were times where i thought that they don’t understand me but they did and they do they only try to protect us from getting hurt and making mistakes,sometimes parents should not only be parents but also our friends so we could say whats wrong and ask advices i mean who better than your largemother could help you with anything.

What we need most from our parents is love,attention and someone to talk to.Kids complaining for money,clothes,make-up and other things is if  you sit at the dinner table complaining about what’s wrong in your life, your children will learn from your example.

There are people who think that they could be forever young but there’s no such thing we have to take responsibility for our actions and know that they are things that happened in a part of our life and stay there as beautiful memories but we have to let go and grow not only physically but also psychologically so we could become parents and role models for our children.